International Indian School Dammam (IISD)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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International Indian School – Dammam is the largest educational institution  of its kind in the kingdom as well as in the Gulf.  Its present strength is 15900 students,  750 members in the teaching faculty and around 110 members of non teaching staff.  The school has been maintaining excellent  performance in academic and non academic areas for the last many years and is comparable to the very best anywhere in the Gulf or India.  Thanks to the dedicated and committed team of staff, sincere and hardworking students, cooperative and understanding parent community and the unfettered support of the Chairman and members of the Managing Committee.  I feel proud and privileged to be at the helm of affairs as the Principal and the head of such a wonderful institution.

Dear Parents and students, we are living in a world of cut throat competition.  Drastic changes and developments are taking place in the field of education.  In order to keep up with the modern developments we have to bring up our youth also fully competent with their counterparts in any other  region of the world.  In the new and competitive world our emphasis is on quality and to achieve this we have to introduce the most modern educational technology in teaching, learning and in developing creativity with originality.

The mindset of the students, parents and the teachers have to be changed.  With the support of the Embassy  of India and the Indian community in Dammam, the Managing Committee and the school authorities strive their level best to provide the very best educational facilities to our students.  School is housed in separate spacious buildings for boys and girls sections.  Labs for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Biotechnology, Geography, mathematics, computer science, IP etc, audiovisual rooms with all modern gadgets, libraries for various sections with large number of books selected suitably for the different  age groups, facilities for various indoor and out door games, sports, etc are provided.

New and innovative methods of teaching based on the theories of multiple intelligence and educational constructivism are introduced and the evaluation system is redesigned on the basis of continuous and comprehensive assessment.   All steps are taken to make teaching and learning  enjoyable in a total stress free atmosphere.  The aim is to develop the multifarious talents among the children and to bring them up as balanced personalities to face the challenges of the fast growing world.

Ours is a nation with an ancient culture, traditions and values.  While we strive for high tech education, it should not be at the cost of our value system.  Our school should be the center of nourishing, developing and flourishing the human values. Value Education, morning assemblies, CCA activities, etc are organized for all students to inculcate desirable and positive values among them.  This will help the parents, teachers, leaders, professionals and the students to get their share of respect and recognition in the society.  As our  former President and famous scientist Dr APJ Abdul Kalam observed “Education in its real sense is a pursuit of truth.  It is an endless journey through knowledge and enlightenment. Such a journey opens up  new vistas of development of humanism, where there is no scope, nor room for pettiness, disharmony, hatred or enmity.  It transforms the human beings into a  wholesome whole, a noble sole and an asset to the entire universe.

I request the wonderful student community of IIS Dammam to imbibe the tremendous spirit of moral values to strive hard, to make use of the best facilities and to achieve the excellence in academics as well as in sports, games and all other extra curricular activities  in order to become the real asset to the entire world.

With best regards

Principal & H.O.I

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